The day our giant board game took over Edinburgh


“A board game so big you could see it from space”

Ok, so that wasn’t exactly what was said, BUT, you’d have been hard pressed to miss our latest work for Essential Edinburgh while out and about in Edinburgh city centre last week. 

‘The Great Time Game’ might have looked a bit like your traditional board game on first glance – a sort of Snakes and Ladders let loose on a Monopoly board type-thing - but it was actually our version of a Trojan Horse.

A concept devised to get people, inadvertently, re-engaging with the city and its many businesses.


We invited the public to literally ‘roll the dice’ to try and make it around our board before the time ran out. The further they made it, the better the prizes on offer to them; from shopping vouchers and gifts from stores, to exclusive bar offers and discounts at top restaurants, all of which could be redeemed immediately.

As part of the wider ‘Sign of a Great Time’ campaign, this very simple idea helped to promote a huge range of businesses in a way that was engaging and memorable, showcasing the diversity of the city-centre.

The public loved it, the media couldn’t get enough, plus thousands of folk were directed to shop, eat, drink and explore. It wasn’t just our players who were winners!

So if you’re ‘board’ of what your business is currently saying or doing, then perhaps it’s time to come and speak to us.