Raise a glass for the behind-the-scenes crew...

The Wire team are rolling out the red carpet and polishing the glad rags for Sunday's Oscars (well, any excuse for a champagne or ten). But no one's more excited than one of our elect events experts Vicky. She gives us the lowdown on the REAL stars of the show - those incredible backstage folk - and tells us everything you wanted to know about the silent stars (but were too afraid to ask). 

Hands up if you’ll be donning your glitziest glad-rags, pouring yourself a glass of fizz and nestling in for an all-nighter this Sunday? 

Sure, this sounds like a typical evening in for me, but this weekend is a special occasion - it’s Oscars time! And we at Wire couldn’t be more excited.

The 89th Academy Awards will see the crème de la crème of silver screen stars congregate in LA to celebrate, commiserate and, ultimately, compete for the iconic golden gong. Whether you’re a fan of the red carpet fashion or betting on whose acceptance speech runs on the longest, there’s no arguing that the Oscars are an entertaining watch. I could sit here and wax lyrical about who I think deserves to win this weekend (Meryl Streep forever!) but, instead, I want to celebrate some of the ceremony’s behind-the-sceners.  The guys who work tirelessly in the background to ensure there are no autocue mishaps, lighting faux-pas or curtain tumbles who deserve as much recognition as the nominees themselves. 

Wire have run the press for the British Academy Scotland Awards for 7 years, yet we’re always blown away by the amount of work that goes into making a ceremony successful. And, really, we think these guys deserve a round of recognition at this glamorous time of year. So, here’s to you, you lovely lot!

The stage riggers

They’re on site from the crack of dawn until…well, the crack of dawn a few days later. But, hey, that’s a lot of dawn!  These scaffolding angels work miracles to bring the floor plans to life, through a lot of planning jargon we won’t pretend to understand. 

All we know is that when we ask for some steps at the side of the stage, they’re built within hours of our request. Those bloody angels!

The red carpet runners

Perhaps one of the most daunting but exciting tasks at an awards ceremony is navigating the red carpet.  But that’s when the red carpet runners truly shine!

They’re super organised: they’ve got the carpet arrivals timed to a T; have lined the edges with national press and photographers; have security on standby should Joe Public get a bit selfie daft. They’ve got this! 

Their slick ways flawlessly cover moments when, unfortunately, it feels like they don’t got this. Late arrivals, chatty nominees, radio batteries running out… maybe all at once with minutes to spare until the ceremony begins! 

And somehow, with Mission Impossible levels of accuracy, they whisk the stars from the carpet, with minimal disruption, and have them sat at their table in time for the opening music.

The live-streamers

Quiet note to anyone looking to broadcast an awards ceremony: the internet connection will definitely choose the moment your Best Actress winner takes to the stage to cut your live stream. In turn, the website will definitely crash as scores of disgruntled viewers demand you personally visit their house to fix the problem. Your mind will definitely conclude that you’ve single-handedly ruined the entire ceremony. 

But it’s OK!

The internet will definitely reconnect. The website viewers will definitely go back to admiring your Best Actor winner in their dashing three-piece suit. And, if anything, you saved the day! Well done, you.

The drink pourers

Thank you. But, at the same time, curse you!

Sincerely, our post-work-celebration hangovers.

The envelopers

Let’s be honest here, we’ve only just stopped cringing over Steve Harvey announcing Miss Colombia as the winner of Miss Universe 2015, before sheepishly correcting himself and handing Miss Philippines her crown. 

I’m pretty sure the entire world wanted to be swallowed up by the ground with him.

Since then, I’ve found a huge appreciation for the brave hero who takes on the task of filling the gold envelope.  In the infamous words of Ru Paul, don’t f**k it up!

The awards themselves

Without you, the riggers wouldn’t be rigging, the runners would be completely stationary, the streamers would probably be at home, shouting at the website host of a failed live-stream. 

These awards ceremonies – from BAFTA Scotland to the Oscars and everything in between – are important platforms for so many reasons. They celebrate the incredible scope of talent in the moving image industries, they provide work opportunities for professionals from so many disciplines and they inspire people in so many ways (I still yearn for Bjork’s iconic swan dress!)

So if you’re tuning in with us this Sunday, don’t forget to raise a glass to the grafters at side stage – they’ve worked damn hard to make it look this easy!

An Oscar for the behind-the-scenes crew

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