The power of PR and SEO

Recent shifts in the responsibility of PR means, as marketers, we need to continuously adapt and craft our strategies to not only gain exposure through coverage but also build credible SEO back links from valuable, high-traffic sources.  As our Social Media Manager Caron explains, there’s no doubt that both PR and SEO are completely necessary for any brand independently, but when the two come together - magic happens.

The media landscape is constantly shifting towards digital and, in an increasingly mobile-led world where attention spans are short, the importance of optimising for search engines is even higher. Customers trust search results, there’s no hiding from that, but how can you strategise a two-pronged attack, ensuring your coverage works on Google as well as intriguing journalists?

The thread that links PR and SEO intrinsically is content. Marketing buzzword number one aside, content that is insightful, interesting and relevant is not only going to smash your coverage KPIs but is gold for Google search and will always rank better than content for content’s sake. Every piece of online media coverage that references and links to your brand will be used to determine your organic search results, sneaking your brand higher and higher in Google’s listings.

But with great content, comes great responsibility – how do we craft and create appealing content that is used on influential news sites to boost your SEO?

Herein lies the skill set of PRs. They know what ‘sells’ to media, channeling insightful brand stories that engage, inspire and excite. This is more important than any keyword-stuffed page. Google not only places importance on inbound links when it comes to search rankings, but also the quality of content and how relevant it is to its reader. Working in joint strategy, a PR and SEO professional can craft stories that users want to read, and Google wants to host – placing important keywords, without ruining the impact.

Brilliant digital marketing blends the basic principles behind SEO and PR to create rich sources of ‘search food’ for Google. After all, both PR and SEO have the same business goals – to make a brand be seen - therefore it’s imperative PRs understand the basics of how to rank on Google, and vice versa, to produce high quality, shareable content that aligns with wider site strategies.

While there will always be a place for print coverage, digital provides a long-term source of traffic as ‘today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip papers’ and while the traffic to your page from an individual news story will slowly diminish, the constant stream from search engine results is well worth aiming for.

Integrating your PR and SEO strategy provides the opportunity to deliver measurable results - news to the ears of PRs as measurability is a challenge they continuously face. The way we strategise and deliver marketing campaigns is changing. The importance of leveraging SEO know-how within your PR strategies and considering how PR campaigns can positively impact search results will ultimately produce better, bolder and more effective campaigns.


The role of SEO in a PR strategy

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