The Wire Way

We MAKE IT FAMOUS for whoever we work with. Online, offline and in real life.

But, our brand of fame isn’t 15 minutes of loud-mouthed, shallow celebrity followed by an appearance on Pointless.

Instead, we expect limelight-hogging, culturally-savvy, forward-thinkers who’ll put in the graft to make sure our work stands out for the right reasons.

In return, WIRE will go above-and-beyond, investing in its people, pushing everyone on and creating valuable opportunities and experiences.


clever insight + creative ideas

+ ambitious promotion

+ determination to always go one better.


That’s the fame formula that brings big ideas, big coverage and big heart to everything we do.



  • Clients love you. They trust you because you’ve taken time to build a relationship, given them great advice, given them even greater work - and you’re a pleasure to be around.


  • Your colleagues love you. Ditto.


  • You’re a self-motivated problem-solver. Don’t know how to crack a brief? Or how to make an idea happen? By all means, collaborate with the team – but come armed with plenty of your own suggestions and solutions.


  • Want more, want better. Don’t be satisfied with work that’s not top-quality – whether it’s press releases, photography briefs, presentations or deck strategy. If you don’t rate it yourself, don’t share it until it’s right.


  • Ninja listening. We don’t care if this is a bit cringe. Bring some Bruce Lee to your work, whether you’re reading briefs, between the lines or body language. Pick up on small details and ask the right questions to make sure the unsaid gets said.


  • Be seen, be heard. It’s not always about having the loudest voice but it IS about showing how brilliant you are. We notice when you do great things – but it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of your own PR too, whether with the senior team, or clients.


  • Have money on your mind. Pay attention to your budgets, get the best deals, make sure we don’t over-service. Every penny counts and we promise that we will make it count for you – when we profit, we’ll make sure you all do.


  • Stay curious. Read journals, listen to podcasts, go see something inspirational – use your Cultural allowance for this. Bring your learning into work. What do you know about AI, Blockchain and the future of influencer marketing? There’s never been a more interesting time in the history of marketing. If you’re not interested, that’s a problem.


  • Time things perfectly. Don’t leave things to the last-minute. Don’t give work to your colleagues at 5pm that has a COP deadline, or write a release two days before a launch.  Plan ahead, share in plenty of time and show everyone you’re in control.


  • Be a fountain, part 1. A fountain of knowledge, that is. Immerse yourself in the clients you work with. Know their product and their industry well. If you had to do a live interview on behalf of a client tomorrow, could you?


  • BAF, c’nued. Do you know the names of the features, news and business editors across every title in Scotland? Do you know which influencer has jumped in popularity in the last month? Or which new social trends we should be jumping on? If you work in the Famous team, we expect that you do.


  • Be on it. Read your emails. Update clients. Pick-up coverage. Even if that’s in the evening or weekends. We’re a flexible company – but our type of work means that we rarely stop when we leave the office.


  • Take time back, use flexible working. Everyone’s wellbeing is hugely important and everyone needs a work-life balance. If you’ve worked late or weekends, book a lieu day right away, come in later, leave earlier. We trust you to make these decisions for yourself. If you’re finding it difficult to manage during a busy spell, speak up and you’ll receive the support you need.