Taking Whisky to new heights

Whyte & Mackay

Bringing to life Whyte & Mackay's industrial history and tying into the 170th anniversary of its birth on the docks of Glasgow’s River Clyde in 1844, we decided to do something audacious in the brand’s industrial birthplace. Something that had never been done before. We built a pub on top of a 150ft crane located on the banks of the River Clyde, and we called it 'The Lion’s Clyde'.

  • Crucially, although The Lion’s Clyde was placed within a historic setting, it was to be delivered in a very modern way. Whisky lovers could only book a place at the bar - which would run for three days only - via Facebook. This built a huge amount of excitement online – more than 5,000 posts were generated. Consumers became brand ambassadors as they began their interaction online in advance and then shared their experience on social media again afterwards. This also meant Whyte and Mackay could engage directly with their customers.