Heverlee at New Waverley


Premium Belgian beer Heverlee required a campaign that would elevate the brand in the east coast of Scotland, create talkability and engagement and ultimately build an east coast Heverlee community. 

  • Launching on National Belgium Day, Heverlee transformed Edinburgh’s New Waverley Arches into a Belgian beer garden, host to a three-day micro-festival celebrating a fusion of Scottish and Belgian culture. Working with Bright Signals, Multiply and a carefully curated blend of street food vendors, electronic DJs, and artists, we created an immersive taste of contemporary Belgian culture, the first of its kind in the Capital. Paying homage to the summer beer café culture of its home country, this bite of Belgian lifestyle was washed down with chilled pints of Heverlee pilsner style lager.
  • Heverlee at New Waverley introduced the brand to a previously untouched Scottish network of street food vendors, DJs, artists, influencers and craft beer drinkers.

    The event was a huge success with over 150 pieces of pre, during and post event coverage, an OTS of 20 million and over 1000 attendees across 3 days.

    We’ll drink to that.